About Me


Pop Music and People are my two greatest passions, and I take pride in offering a highly individualised approach to working with singers. In popular music there are no fixed rules as to how singers ‘should’ sound and I use my wealth of training in vocal science and technique in a creative way. If you are a singer looking to really explore your voice’s capabilities both technically and creatively, then you’ve come to the right place!

Professional Singing Teacher in Hertford
I absolutely LOVE singing, and always found it easy. However as my gigging and rehearsal schedule became increasingly busy, the less reliable my voice became, and the more uncomfortable it was to sing. I went from being a high soprano to losing most of the top end of my range, and honestly singing just wasn't fun for me anymore. Nobody around me (including my singing teacher) knew what to do, so I assumed I was no longer ‘talented.’ This was extremely depressing and I wandered around feeling lost for a couple of years.

Eventually I found a Vocal Coach who understood and a technique that worked, and I realised how much time I had wasted by struggling with my voice. Within a few weeks (of hard work and dedication) my voice was back, and within a few months I was training to become a Vocal Coach. I haven’t stopped researching, training or learning about the voice ever since.

My Methods

Some of you may have had some Vocal Coaching before, and some of you may even be Vocal Coaches yourselves, so I'll give you a quick run through of my technical background.

As a singer I took lessons with various Speech Level Singing Teachers, and this very much informed my early teaching days. However as an independant and curious person, I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could from as many places as I could. This included training in the Estill model, Breathing Coordination, Feldenkrais, Vocal Acoustics, Vocal Health and an abundance of independant research as part of a Post Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy in conjunction with the fabulous Voice Workshop.

Over the years it has become more and more apparent to me that excellent singing is about SO much more than the muscles around the voice and these days my coaching style is extremely dynamic, encompassing Sensory Learning, Mindset Coaching and the Person Centred Approach. I believe that changing our vocal habits happens much more quickly when we take into account the 'whole' person.

I have been an Authorised Instructor for Vocology in Practice since 2013, and since then have been priviliged to attend 2 of their teacher training events in Los Angeles. In 2018 I was honoured to be asked to present my Post Graduate Research into the mindset issues that come up in Vocal Training, and workshop my teaching methodology that I designed to counter these. I am extremely proud of this research and have presented my findings at The 2018 Singing Strategy Symposium, and have more dates coming up!

As well as running my Vocal Coaching studio, I am also a Lecturer at The Academy of Contemporary Music, a writer for iSing Magazine, a lover of hot drinks, an amateur yogi and above all, a Singer.

VIP Vocology in Practice Authorised Singing Teacher in Hertford

I became an Authorised Vocology In Practice (VIP) Instructor in 2013. VIP is ‘A Global Network of Elite Voice Professionals at the forefront of vocal training for today’s contemporary singer.’ You can learn more about VIP here http://vocologyinpractice.com. To this day I continue to improve my knowledge of vocal technique and spend a large amount of my time studying, reading, and exploring new ideas. I also continue to develop my own voice as much as I can.

When working with me you can expect to experience the following:

The ability to sing more difficult material, with greater ease and power
Enhanced awareness and knowledge of your own voice
Highly effective training based on cutting edge vocal science
Increased confidence
A voice that is healthy, strong and reliable
Simple solutions to complex problems
A learning process that is positive and enjoyable


My Values

Nurturing individuality
Embracing progress, imperfections and mistakes
Being Person Centred (not Service Centred)
Honesty and sincerity
Challenging limitations
Improving self-awareness

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