It didn't take me long to choose Gemma as my first vocal coach after sifting through the various choices online, nor did it take me long to realise what a great decision it was. From my first lesson to my most recent I am always learning, sometimes I leave with something small while other times I leave with a real game changer. Gemma is an excellent teacher, a lovely person and I look forward to every single lesson with her. My biggest issue has always been lacking confidence in my own abilities; week by week I have seen that slowly grow and I am developing into a singer who not only likes the sound of his own voice but is excited to see how far he can take it. My range has improved, my breathing has improved, I have a lot more power and stylistically I think I have finally found my "own" sound. I can say with confidence that my progress would have been non-existent without her help.

Gemma is an excellent teacher who improved my voice and significantly increased my range, through clear instructions and tailored exercises. She teaches with fun and ease, and has showed me what my voice is capable of doing, far beyond what I had hoped!

Everyone who performs should book a class. Whether you are a professional singer or sing for fun, Gemma will help you achieve your goals.

Gemma Milburn is a great mentor. I have been singing for a long time but got into bad singing habits which have made me feel very uncomfortable with my singing and lost confidence.

Gemma has a huge gift, she listens and she's really helped me with my issues. Every minute spent with her is happily making me reach my goals. My range has really improved! She's a lovely girl and you will instantly feel at ease with her.

I've been taught by Gemma for around a year and half now, and actually travel down to London from the Midlands to have my lessons. I think that puts into perspective how worthwhile I think her teaching is. She has really helped me to solve problems I experienced with my singing, such as confidence, issues with posture, breathing and jaw position to create a stronger, fuller voice.

I find that Gemma helps you to achieve the sound that you want, and learn songs you really want to sing, whilst giving guidance on styles that suit you best. This really sets her apart from other teachers I've experienced in the past.