Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs below should answer most of your queries about my singing lesson and vocal coaching services

Where do your lessons take place?

For the most part, lessons take place at my studio in Hertford. However I do also offer Online sessions for overseas clients, and occassionally provide ‘on location’ coaching for an additional fee.

Will singing lessons make me sound operatic?

This is unlikely, however if singing opera is your goal, I recommend that you find an opera specific coach. If you don’t sound operatic before you come for a lesson with myself, you certainly won’t by the time you leave. I will work very closely with you to set goals and offer technical solutions without compromising the important stylistic elements of your singing.

What do I need to bring to my singing lesson?

I strongly advise that you bring a bottle of water, and are already well hydrated ahead of time. It may also be useful to bring along a recording device, notebook and a pen or pencil.

Is it possible to cancel my lesson?

I understand that things come up and sometimes lesson times need to be changed. However, cancellations made less than 24 hours before the time of your lesson will be charged at the full rate regardless of circumstance. Equally, if you turn up late to your lesson I am unable to make up the lost time.

What should I do if my voice sounds hoarse?

The vocal folds and surrounding muscles can be quite delicate and require a lot of care. If I detect any signs that your voice is not 100% healthy, I will offer suitable advice. This may include a referral to a relevant medical professional. Should you choose not to take this advice, I reserve the right to pause working with you until your voice is healthier.

If you attend your lesson and are too unwell to sing, I will send you home to rest and will not be able to refund your lesson fee.