Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching in Hertford and Online

Every lesson begins with an analysis of your unique voice habits based on cutting edge vocal science, this then helps me to understand what your voice 'needs' on any given day. For this reason I only work on a one-to-one basis and do not offer group lessons. I also offer lessons with a 1 hour duration minimum, because I'm thorough.

Most people come to me for lessons because they want to change something about their voice- be it range, tension or style. These varying goals mean that the learning process is not linear. We will set goals together and work towards them at your pace.

I often compare the vocal training process to physiotherapy (even though singing is so much more fun!) A physiotherapist will need to examine your body each time they see you in order to to know which areas to focus upon and what exercises you need. In my Vocal Coaching, I need to hear your voice and analyse it each time I see you, in order to be able to meet your needs as effectively as possible.

Isn't a voice just a voice?

Nope. Your voice's strength and flexibility will vary from one week to the next according to things like hydration, how much you've used it, how you've used it, what you've eaten, how tired you are, hormones and more. This is why the personalised approach that I take is essential for singers who really want to make progress.

Online Lessons

Online lessons work slightly differently to the usual 'in person' coaching. I use the free online conferencing service 'Zoom' as it is extremely reliable. Online lessons are growing in popularity and are a very effective method of working for those who are overseas, unable to travel or who simply want to work with me from their home.
Additional info re. online vocal training is given at the time of booking. However please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more.


I urge all my singers to record their sessions each week as we will cover SO much. These recordings are an extremely useful practice tool. However I will always summarise the key things that I would like you to focus upon at the end of the session. The more you committ to doing these, the quicker your progress will be.

Extra Support and Guidance

All singers who work with me are entitled to access to my Private Facebook Group. In here we have great discussions, share works in progress, support each other and hold each other accountable. You can find the group here:
This group is exclusively for the singers that I am working with and is not open to the general public.

1 Hour Private Lesson - £60 (£50 Under 18/Student Rate)

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