Gemma Milburn - International Vocal Coach based in Hertford

Hi, I'm Gemma.

I am one of the UK's leading Vocal Coaches.

I help singers to overcome and prevent vocal strain and tension, loss of range and power, and vocal breaks or 'cracks.'

I combine cutting edge Vocal Science, Theories of Motor Learning, and Mindset Coaching in order to bring about change as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

I am known for working in a highly individualised way, which means I am able to get to the root of your individual needs and offer appropriate tools for YOU.
My method REALLY WORKS. My clients have had lead roles in West End shows, major label record deals and have been accepted into top drama schools. Some of them are Vocal Coaches themselves. I have clients overseas who I work with online, and some of them travel as far as 2 hours each way in order to work with me, because they know that they will get the results that they want.

Its a privilege and a joy to be able to help them, and I hope to be able to help you too.


1 Hour Private Lesson - £60 (£50 Under 18/Student Rate)

Packages Available

Call me on 07841 539326

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